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Baltimore Polyurea Shop Floor System

Efficiency and safety are essential for any shop floor, and having a well-running workplace starts from the ground up. If the floors of your shop are worn, stained, or damaged, you're not only risking the safety of your employees—you're also risking your bottom line.

At Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems, we understand how important it is for your Baltimore shop floor to be able to keep up with the production demands of your business. That's why we install Penntek shop floor coating systems that are designed with multiple layers of protection:

  • Polyurea Basecoat with a Tinted Primer
  • Full Broadcast of Dry Sand
  • Tinted Topcoat with an Optional Extra Layer

The innovative construction of our polyurea shop floor system delivers superior performance that you can rely on-regardless of the wear and tear that your floors are exposed to on a daily basis.

Long-Lasting Performance from a Slip-Resistant Floor Coating System

Concrete floors serve as a durable, cost-effective solution for heavily trafficked areas, but without protection, this flooring material is bound to show signs of damage that can put your operation at risk. With a slip-resistant floor coating system for your shop floor, you can minimize the hazards of a busy work environment while enjoying benefits that include:

  • Superior Adhesion to Concrete Surfaces with Backing of Manufacturer Warranties
  • Consistent, Wall-to-Wall Coverage that Creates a Seamless, Stylish Appearance
  • Extreme Resistance to Hot and Cold Temperatures and Damage from UV Rays
  • Textured Surface Options that Improve Safety in Your Building
  • Quick Cure and Installation Times that Allow for Full Use in Just 24 Hours
  • Customized Color, Finish, and Texture Options to Match Your Aesthetic

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Customized, durable, and easy to maintain, the premier concrete floor coatingsfrom Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems help you get more out of your facility-while minimizing the downtime of your company during installation!To connect with one of our experts about the polyurea shop floor coatings and customized systems that we install, give us a call today. You can also request your free quote and consultation now by submitting our simple online form!