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Baltimore Formcove Systems

The junction where your concrete floor meets the wall is the most vulnerable area in your flooring system, and traditional cove-base installation can leave you dealing with grime, microbes, and moisture that damage your flooring and your property's integrity.

The professionals at Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems have a solution to give you the seamless transition you need from floor to wall with our unique Formcove system. Using advanced installation techniques and innovative Penntek products, we put the perfect finishing touch on your Baltimore floors-guaranteeing that you see impressive performance for years down the road.

Innovative Benefits of a Formcove Customizable Floor Coating System

At Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems, we specialize in delivering start-to-finish solutions for concrete floor coatings-right down to the cove base needed to keep your floors functional, beautiful, and protected. Unlike the traditional vinyl or rubber pre-fabricated coves used by most contractors, we create a customizable floor coating system, with edging molded to the exact specifications of your space.

Honored with the "2015 Most Innovative Products Award" from World of Concrete, our Formcove systems provide:

  • Superior Adhesion: Without the messy adhesives used with standard systems, we mix our formcove products on-site and use specialized equipment to ensure waterproof, durable adhesion.
  • Complete Versatility: Our Formcove system is designed to work with any of our floor coating options to give you complete control over the look and features of your new flooring.
  • One Day Installation: There's no faster way to get the floor you need! With trained installers and a 30 minute cure time, we can get the entire project done in one day.
  • Seamless Appearance: The unique design of our formcove products allows for a smooth and seamless transition from floor to wall-without any of the problems of traditional cove bases.

The benefits of a Formcove system eliminate many of the problems of traditional flooring installation, but we don't just say that you'll love the results-we back it up. As a Penntek dealer, our concrete coatings come with limited lifetime warranties and a 15-year product warranty from the manufacturer.

Enjoy a Complete Floor Coating Installation with Our Penntek Formcove Systems!

When you're looking for concrete floor coatings in Baltimore, you need to find a professional contractor that has the experience, products, and skills needed to deliver full-service installation. With our revolutionary Formcove system and custom concrete coatings, that's what you get from Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems-all you need to do is call or fill out our online form to request your free quote and consultation!