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Harford County Concrete Coatings

Are those concrete surfaces starting to show signs of wear and tear? Would you like your floors to function better? If it is time to refinish the concrete in your residential, commercial, or industrial space, just reach out to Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems for assistance.

Since 2001, we've offered a range of concrete floor coatings for our customers that restore, protect, and beautify their concrete surfaces for decades to come. From resilient garage floor coatings to a gleaming metallic finish for the kitchen, we have flooring options for everyone. Allow our Harford County installers to tell you more about our:

  • Chip Systems
  • Formcove Systems
  • Metallic Systems
  • Solid Color Systems

Chip Systems Keep Your Concrete Floors Looking Good

When you are tired of concrete floors that show every single stain and never seem to look clean, our chip systems are the answer. This durable multi-layer concrete coating helps to hide dirt, grime, and stains with a scattered color pattern of chip flakes. You&apoll get even coverage across the entire floor thanks to the solid color polyurea base coat and a generous layer of chips in your choice of colors.

Formcove Systems Protect Your Walls Too

Formcove systems are the smart way to protect both the floor and the walls from scuffs, scrapes, and splashes for a lifetime. This award-winning product can be used with any of our coating systems-from quartz to a solid color finish. It's a continuation of the floor finish that extends up the sides of the walls about three to four inches to provide extra protection. The gentle curve created by our cove mold also keeps dirt and grime from building up in crevices and corners along the sides of the floor.

Metallic Systems Create a Bold Look

Whether you want to give the basement a bold look or make the floor of your automotive showroom pop, we have the answer in our metallic systems. Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems can turn your floors into a work of art using a mix of metallic epoxy coatings. This multilayer system also protects your concrete from abrasions and stains, and won't fade in UV light. It is brilliant, glossy, and eye-catching!

Solid Color Systems Are Fast & Attractive

If you want to upgrade your concrete floors without a lot of fuss, give our solid color systems a chance. We offer both solid color epoxy and polyurea finishes that keep your concrete in great condition without a lot of work or maintenance. A polyurea shop floor system can usually even be installed and ready to use in just one day. Perfect for large spaces where multicolor designs distract or tend to blend together anyway, these systems are available in a gloss finish or with a slip-resistant texture.

Learn More About Our Concrete Floor Coatings

Instantly upgrade your office or home with concrete floor coatings from Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems. As you can see, we have many styles and colors available to create a customized concrete finish. Our local Harford County installers are also fully trained professionals who work quickly to complete each project.

Give us a call or fill out our online form to reach a knowledgeable representative. We'll be happy to arrange a complimentary consultation and price estimate right away.