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Carroll County Concrete Coatings

Everyone knows concrete floor coatings can help protect your garage, shop floor, warehouse, or any other space in need of safeguarding. But did you know that choosing just the right coating solution-whether for residential, industrial, or commercial applications-can also help to make your business look significantly more polished and professional?

At Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems, we've made a name for ourselves as a highly professional local floor coatings company in Carroll County that works fast but that also makes sure each job is completed to perfection. We've built our business around the promise of superior products and courteous service, and we're prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We're your top source for residential solutions, such as garage floor coatings, as well as a wide range of large-scale industrial options, and we'll work with you to help you find the best solution for your upgrade.

High-Performance Garage Floor Coatings from a Leading Brand

As part of our commitment to outstanding quality, Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems uses advanced coating products from Penntek. Aside from the durability and longevity you expect, these options also feature a wide range of styles and finishes.

We'd be happy to discuss the various solutions we offer for your space-everything from chip systems and metallic systems to solid color epoxy and solid color polyurea systems.

No matter what the application, you can count on Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems for consistently high-quality solutions, including:

  • Chip systems made with polyurea and three distinct layers
  • Formcove systems for the most extreme industrial environments
  • Metallic systems with a chic, marbleized look
  • Polyurea shop floor systems that can withstand the toughest treatment
  • Quartz systems that resist wetness and moisture
  • Solid color epoxy systems for an affordable, uniform option
  • Solid color polyurea systems that can be installed in the coldest weather

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If your floors are ready for an upgrade, choose a company that specializes in advanced concrete floor coatings that last for years. Platinum Concrete Coatings by ProPaint Systems is your trusted local source for quality coatings installed quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Ready to speak to a team member and get a free quote? Call us today or fill out the online form to get started.