Garage Floors

Below is the process we use for preparing your concrete floor. Surface preparation is the most important factor in successful concrete coatings.

If your floor is new or old, the process to prepare the floor is the same.  Using different types of equipment we are able to prepare your surface with the ultimate control.
The first step uses a "Shot Blaster".   This literally removes the top layer
of concrete and cleans any pits and cracks while removing sealers and paints.
A close up of the Shot Blaster in action.  Pits, cracks and joints get profiled in a single pass.
Existing "Paint On" Coatings are removed.
Surface damage like pits and cracks are filled with a resin/quartz blend mortar.
Our Planetary Profiler grinds the surface to provide a consistent surface to apply the coating.
Ready for coating.


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