Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

Why do the bids I get for painting range from very high to very low?

  • Painting is not a regulated industry. Plumbers and electricians are required to meet state standards, but there are no qualifications that a painter must meet. Let’s face it, anybody with a ladder and a brush can call themselves a painter. Generally these people do not know how to properly prepare and apply paint, understand sound business practices, nor do they participate in uniformly applying the industry standards to the work they perform.
  • Unqualified and unlicensed painters. To perform any home improvement in the state of Maryland, a contractor must be licensed. In order to be licensed one must pass a state licensing exam, meet state required minimum insured levels, and that person must be credit worthy and financially sound. In addition, all work performed by a licensed professional must come with a minimum one year warranty.
  • The use of day labor, sub-contractors and unqualified help has become prevalent in this industry. Again, anybody with a ladder and a paintbrush can paint. Many of the large franchised chains that have recently set up shop in Maryland use this method. The end result is avoiding payroll liabilities, workers compensation and avoiding the cost of providing workers with the benefits generally associated with maintaining a professional work force that include reasonable compensation and benefits, adequate training and safe working conditions. With this type of work force only poor quality can be guaranteed.

How does ProPaint Systems address this?

  • ProPaint Systems is an active member in this professions only trade association. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA). The PDCA promotes professionalism by offering an accreditation. In order to be accredited, the company is required to meet high standards, pass an exam and actively participate in continual education to maintain the accreditation. We apply proven industry standards to every aspect of the work we perform; we take no short cuts and thus provide a level of workmanship that most painters do not even understand.
  • We are licensed with the State of Maryland, we exceed minimum insurance requirements and we stand behind the work that we perform for three years.
  • ProPaint Systems invests heavily in our people. Not only do we provide a stable and safe work place and adequate compensation, but we train our people in everything from the technical aspect of painting, providing great customer service and safe working practices. We have employees that have been with us since we started in 2001.

What is the difference between a good paint job and a bad paint job?

  • Unfortunately most consumers do not know the difference between a good and bad paint job until they have had a bad one. The unfortunate thing is that it could potentially take a year or longer to realize that you have had a bad paint job.
  • A bad paint job will ultimately cost more money in the long run to remedy. Poorly applied paint to unprepared surfaces must be completely removed to get to a sound surface that will accept new paint. Remember, what seems like a bargain today may not show up for a year or longer.
  • The first indication of a bad paint job will be the customer service the contractor provides from the time  the initial call was made, to the estimate and the first few days on the job. If you are not feeling comfortable, you are probably right.
  • A good job starts with the initial call. How was your call handled, was there somebody there to receive your call? Was the person that provided the estimate professional? Did they provide all details of the job from the preparation methods, number of coats included, type of paint that will be used and any special requirements in writing? Did they address your concerns?
  • The remedy is to verify licenses and references. Demand all details are provided in writing and only deal with known professionals.

What is the difference between interior and exterior painting?

  • When having an interior painted, one must consider the people you will be allowing in your home, how they will protect and care for your belongings as well as the quality of the preparation, paint products used and the workmanship.
  • When it comes to exterior painting all of the above apply, but here is where preparation is key to create a lasting paint job, so the skill of the people performing the work and the quality of the products becomes even more important. In addition, what additional safety precautions will be taken from having anyone injured on your property since more hazards exist outside?

Is ProPaint Systems a good fit for me?

  • We strive to help you achieve your painting needs with the right products and sound painting techniques in a professional manner.
  • We build relationships based on quality, service and trust. We come when we say we will, we finish when we tell you we will, we do what we promised and we stand behind what we do.
  • We work hard to maintain competitive pricing. We want to meet your budget so we listen to your needs, propose solutions to meet those needs, but we will not shortcut good service and the quality of work we do. Because of this, it is likely that you will see a difference in our bid.